Saturday, November 15, 2008

Died Hard Online Flash Game

Fast paced 'Smash TV' style Zombie Fragfest.
Traverse as many floors of 'Necrotomi Plaza' as you can, taking on hordes of Flesh eating, but otherwise harmless Zombies!

Bugs This game does contain a bug. I have found that sometimes you may stick to the walls. Sometimes the fire button seems to get stuck too. I am notmally pressing the fire button all the time so that is not such a problem.

I decided to post this game even with the bugs because I enjoyed playing it. Pressing the same key again seems to get rid of the sticking keys problem too.

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sagmondia said...

Great Post keep go on:D
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Anonymous said...

what ever happebed to clubby the seal.That was a great game.

Highfly said...

Hi there,

Glad that you like the games Sagmondia :)

Hello "Anonymous" :) I did not previously have Clubby The Seal on the site but I have added it now. You can find the game here Thanks for the tip on the game. I am always happy to add more games to the site :)